1. What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency – is a digital financial active, means of exchange with transactions secured by cryptographic system and controlled creation of currency units. Cryptocurrencies are sold and re-sold on markets and they open wide opportunities for short-term operations as well as for long-perspective development.

2. What is ICO?

ICO is a mechanism of fundraising, when the future cryptocurrency is sold to investors (shareholders). For example, for transferring Ethereum to an ICO the investor gets new project’s tokens. It’s an alternative crowdfunding method – to purchase the coins of the company, that will grow in value in case of success.

3. How to buy during the ICO, what cryptocurrencies do you accept and what is the minimum/maximum?

You must register on the 1KCOIN website, there you will have access to your backoffice, where you will have all the steps and the necessary help to be able to buy 1KCoin.
The minimum to buy is 100 tokens, with no established maximum limit.

4. Once the ICO is finished can I increase my participation?

Yes, in public exchanges.

5. Why Waves?

It is one of the fastest, decentralized blockchain platforms with low commissions, which integrates exchange and wallets accepting the main cryptocurrencies.

6. How do I get the tokens and how long can it take?

The tokens will be credited automatically. With a maximum of 3 hours.

7. To which address should I send Cryptocurrency to receive 1KCoin tokens?

The address is on the home page of the www.1Kcoin.io website.

8. Will the tokens be included in an exchange? When and in what?

DEX, Tidex at the beginning. We are negotiating with the main exchanges and soon we will publish this information on the website. 1KCoin will be listed in the main exchanges, including Korean and Japanese exchanges.

9. How do I get tokens as an ambassador?

Our company has the Ambassador / Referral. You will find more detailed information on the website 1KCoin.io.

10. When will the negotiation phase begin and when will dividends be paid?

Once the ICO is closed, leaving a margin of one month for the beginning of the payment of dividends.

11. Do you trust your product?

Absolutely. Our goal is to create a stable cryptocurrency ecosystem, which gives everyone the possibility to take advantage of the opportunity to invest in the future of the economy, creating an ecosystem that supports usability and therefore the sustainability of the project.

12. Why should I invest?

Not only will you invest in a cryptocurrency, but you will become a shareholder in an ecosystem that will change our economic paradigms in a short time. The best is what is to come.

13. What is the 1K-WO system?

It is a simple and transparent system for the sustainability of your project, which moves away from lending and other practices that are only based on “gift tokens” without value. The 1K-WO system supports initial supply / demand, sustainability and price growth.

14. What would be the token price at the time of entering the exchange and in six months?

We recommend that you read the whitepaper and the section “Estimated Evolution of the price of 1KCOIN”.

15. What is the reason for the token growth in the exchange?

We expect the price of the token at the time of the initial public offering, from $ 3-4. Once the 1K-WO system is launched, it will create an over-the-counter demand for the currency and protect it from external speculative actions, which in the future will generate stable growth of its cost in the Exchanges, to which we must add the different projects stapled in the Roadmap.

16. Where and how can I spend tokens?

You can use 1KCoin as a payment tool in our own ecosystem or on our partners’ platforms. And, of course, you can exchange it in the exchange for another valid cryptocurrency or for FIAT money.

17. I did not receive tokens. What do I have to do? Whom should I contact?

First, check the compatibility of your wallet with the 1KCOIN tokens. If your wallet is compatible, send the transaction number or wallet number to our support service.

18. What is the reason for the growth of the token during the ICO?

We are already working on the project and this adds fundamental values ​​to 1KCOIN.

19. How, when and where are the dividends paid?

When 1KCOIN obtains a weekly and / or monthly benefit, dividends will be paid in 1KCoin following the rules established in the Terms and Conditions. Dividends can be withdrawn or exchanged at any time.
Our Company holds the opinion that all investors are equal and should receive the same return based on the equality of investments.
You will receive them in your personal and non-transferable waves wallet.

20. Do you have a multilevel plan?

No, just a referral plan as an ambassador of 1KCoin at a single level, clear and transparent.